Solicitation Process

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About this Course: Solicitation Process

This the longest and most involved course offered through CDPOnline. This gets to the nuts and bolts of the solicitation process, including: identifying potential partners, cultivating a sustainable relationship with them, and actually “making the ask.” You will learn to use a method for growing and strengthening your relationship with any individual partner or group. This is not about manipulation or fads, but a proven process that honors people and their purpose in fulfilling Kingdom work here on earth.

We Want You To:

  • Learn the seven steps of the solicitation process.
  • Apply the solicitation process to a strategy within your ministry.
  • Learn how to “bridge,” to keep the relationship positive and growing.
  • Apply “bridging” to at least two strategies within your ministry.
  • Learn five ways to continue conversations and relationships with individuals even if they’ve declined your request for a donation.
  • Identify basic database needs to support the Solicitation process.
  • Assess your ministry’s current database and IT “health”.
  • Learn how to structure your database so it helps you grow your relationships.
  • Learn how to Prioritize database and/or IT changes and improvements.

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